Thursday, February 11, 2010

Suspect Reportedly Shot By Springfield Police During Chase In Jail

That is the headline in the SN-L's article:

Suspect reportedly shot by Springfield police during chase in jail

We know that the headline writer meant that the suspect is in jail, not that the suspect was shot during a chase that took place in jail, but it did make me laugh.

From the SN-L article:

A probable cause statement filed with the charges against Hilt says the Springfield man was identified as a suspect in an assault early Monday in the 900 block of South Jefferson.

A woman there told officers Hilt had forced his way into her apartment and assaulted her.

Based on her description of the red Chevrolet pickup he was driving, officers were able to locate Hilt a short time later, the document says, but he fled when they attempted a traffic stop.

"As officers attempted to overtake and stop the vehicle a pursuit ensued," the statement says.

During the chase, which lasted about five to 10 minutes, Hilt allegedly drove westbound in the eastbound lanes of Chestnut Expressway, the statement says. "Other motorists had to take evasive action to avoid a collision."

The probable cause statement, written by Highway Patrol Trooper Robert Vaughan, contains no mention of the shooting that ended the chase, but does say Hilt "intentionally" struck a stopped police car with the pickup truck before he was captured.
Here is a photograph of a red Chevrolet pickup:


Sky Girl said...

I read the headline twice and laughed both times!

Anonymous said...

Is that red truck still for sale??

Got a guy in Ormond Beach that will need one in the next couple days to get out of the snow drifts