Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Diverging Diamond: Tire Marks On Curbs

These are photos of the nation's first diverging diamond interchange, located in Springfield, MO.
click on photos with your mouse to enlarge them.(north side of bridge, heading south)

The intersection is a major improvement over the more standard intersection.(south side of bridge, heading north, entering the diamond)

I think the diverges are too abrupt. Look at the tire marks on the curb. Semi-trucks, especially with 53' trailers, have to swing in both lanes to avoid hitting the curb, which can't be done if there is a lot of traffic in both lanes.(north side of bridge, heading south, blue pickup is parked on east shoulder, heading north)

In one of the photos, you can see where trailer wheels have gouged into the concrete.(northbound lane on diamond, crossing the overpass)

This is a good idea, this diverging diamond is, but it takes some getting used to, like a traffic circle does. (north bound curb, exiting diamond)


Sara said...

Dan and I shop at The Wal-Mart on North Glenstone, so we use this intersection a lot. I really like it, now that I'm used to it... No more waiting for a light while sitting on the bridge to get on the highway. Fast!

My problem is the new interchange at 65 and I-44. All that work, all those fancy ramps, but if your in your truck and horse trailer, trying to go from East on I-44 to North on 65, you still only have 200 feet of lane to get off and that must be shared with other people merging on. wtf?

Anonymous said...

Wait until the signal changes. Then you don't have to merge.

Busplunge said...

Anon 3:45--- Sara was talking about the ramps at I-44 and Hwy 65, heading east on the interstate and exiting off and heading north on 65....it is a dicey deal esp when pulling a trailer.

Remember how 65 and 60 used to be, still is for that matter, heading north on 65 and wanting to exit on 60 west?

be glad when the flyovers get done.

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