Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Maybe The State Ought To Start Playing The Lottery To Reduce The Budget Deficit?

I think the state is missing the boat by not playing the lottery. Just look at all these winners! If these guys won, who's to say the state couldn't win, say, the powerball or the latest scratchers contest? But you got to play to win. And it's not really gambling, is it? Gambling is goes on down at the Downstream with the slot machines and poker games and big guys in white hats.. The lottery is just a ticket you buy at the Git'n Go with the change from your pack of Marlboro reds.

Why, it seems like everyday the SN-L is publishing a story about some lucky man who won the lottery. In today's paper where a 26 year old guy won $200,000 for the rest of his life-- the paper said "He could have taken a $3 million lump-sum payment, but opted for the annuity." See, if you don't play, you don't win.

See, think of what Missouri could do if it won $200,000 for the rest of its life. I mean the SCOTUS said that corporations are people, why can't states be people too? What's the life expectancy of a state? (I mean, Texas not included because if they secede are they still a state?)

Even St. Louis recognizes the benefits of gambling, especially gambling aboard a St. Louis landmark.

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