Monday, February 01, 2010

Leaves From An Ozark Journal: Virgil Has A New Studebaker

Feb. 1. I got up and milked the cow. Mail brought $5 check from Oak Hill boys who are working in Bingham, Utah copper mines. I had written them in November.

Robert Harris, Jr. and Novella brought us warm dinners. Virgil and Everett called one hour. Virgil has a new Studebaker. Reading "World Call" article on Co-operatives in Scandanavia worth keeping.

Letter from F.E. Smith rejecting S.T. Sims for Ministerial Relief. By mistake he mailed me E.C. Sechler's back account on Pension Fund and also charged Summersville church with not being in Pension Fund. Smith need to make investigation. Three from Texas County given Relief, yet S.T. Sims has done more for the cause than any of us. Nora objected to my letter to F.E. Smith so I didn't mail it.

Grace singing "Happy, happy shall I be--When I learn my ABC." Esta Jo reading her fourteenth book, she says.

Gave Leland Gourtley a catalog of Union Theological Seminary and told him I wanted him to go there later.

Mrs. Finn sent me to the Hotel as her dinner guest. When I gave the envelope to the Hotel landlady it proved to have pills in it instead of money. Mrs. Finn said I could tell Roy Wall but no one else--"They would tease me too much."

Church house to be stuccoed. Borrowed some "Reader's Digests" from Mr. Richards.

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