Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NEWS FLASH: Steve Helms Seen In Courthouse

This just in:

Steve Helms, Greene County Circuit Clerk, actually was seen in the courthouse this afternoon.

He was planning on attending a conference on "how global warming is not real" but he realized he already went to that one- he just couldn't remember if he used vacation time or if there was a way he could do court business at the conference? Tweet, Tweet.

Reliable sources state that Steve, looking tan and fit, found the courthouse without having to consult written direction or asking bailiff. The belief was that Helms planned to file paperwork in his attempt to get re-elected to the circuit clerk's post.

It was not known if Steve walked or rode his Segway to the courthouse.

Jerry Moyer is rootin' for Steve to win, it's called job security.

We are waiting to see if Steve will publish a voice of the day about his experiences in the courthouse or on how global warming ain't real.


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