Saturday, February 20, 2010

Leaves From An Ozark Journal, February, 1937: Reading "Fighting Angel" By Pearl Buck

On Feb. 14 Church Board voted to give Saturday night services to some mission point.

Reading "Fighting Angel" by Pearl Buck.

Earl Smith with me to Dallas County, services at High Prairie, overnight in Buffalo in Chester Moffatt home, talked until midnight.

Heard Martin T. Pope's church joke.. 40 per cent of congregation joined church Sunday night, five present and two joined.

Feb. 17 to Prairie Grove, for Will Saxbury funeral. All six children present.

A call on Loren Craig. How he enjoyed Earl's music.

Feb. 20-21 at Stoutland and Friendship. Small attendance. Men working on Plato S.S. Annex, several days in Feb. Spoke at Lynchburg CCC---"Why Jesus Appeals To Me."

E.E. Davison in a meeting at Summersville. Found out he is antin-UCMS.

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