Sunday, November 01, 2009

Putting Up Crown Molding....Don't Bother Me, I'm Busy....

We started putting up the crown molding in the computer room this afternoon. Earlier I related to you bus riders how came into possesion of it and how I painted it in the garage while the PvtRN's Honda was at the paint shop getting a new paint job (Thanks to all the good folks at Shelter Insurance for convincing me to buy uninsured motorist coverage!).

Earlier this week I practiced with Trey and Austin putting up the crown molding. I even ordered a special part for my miter saw that would allow for accurate cuts in the crown molding.

This afternoon, instead of watching the race at Talledga, and convincing Trey and Austin that there is more to life than playing video games on the computer,,,as the following pictures attest, we commenced to install the crown molding.

Here are some "before" pictures:

That last picture is of Trey sitting on the ladder as he was telling me how hungry he was for Ramon Noodles. We went to Lowe's instead to buy a protractor because I was having a hard time figuring the angles. Turns out it wasn't the angles (they were all 90s), it was the angle we were putting the molding on the wall. Trey learned a lot of geometry today. He could see how to cut angles on the saw I couldn't.

We started at 1 pm and finished about 6. We probably would have been sooner but this old bus driver couldn't "see" how a cut needed to be done and cut three board before he finally decided to use some scrap and cut some practice cuts.

The finished project, after painter's caulk and touch up painting and special thanks to Trey, Austin, Blake and the PvtRN, turned out fantastic!

Here are some photos of the finished installation job:

It looks good!

Meanwhile, while the paint was drying, I was patching a crack in the living room ceiling. I am going to put crown molding in there also after I get done painting the ceiling. Here are some photos:


Horse-farmer said...

Leave us hanging,

where are the after pics????

longrooffan said...

Dang Bus: I almost posted on your original blog about the parts for your miter saw to make it easy to cut the correct angles on that time I won't hesitate!! Looks good and a nice addition to your Casa.


d5thouta5 said...

good luck on floating your ceiling out to make it right....the molding looks great from 1100 miles away...thank goodness the kids were there to straighten you out....young eyes and young minds can sometimes overcome age.....