Monday, November 23, 2009

Dixon Eats At The Waffle House....

When asked by David Catanese how he voted on the recent pension sales tax, 30th district senatorial candidate Bob Dixon dodged the question. Catanese asked Dixon the question again, again Dixon waffled. Oh heck watch the video. Catanese queried Dixon at this morning's press conference where Dixon announced the endorsement of the city's local firemen's union.

One would think that a candidate's position on the recent sales tax election for the fire and police pension would be on upmost interest to the rank and file members of the fire department. One could logically project that a candidate's vote on such a crucial issue (well, crucial at least to the firemen's union) would be indicative of how well the candidate took to heart other issues important to the firemen. Dixon's refusal to answer looks to be a textbook example of political pandering by an elected official to gain votes.

If Dixon said he supported the police and fire pension tax, he alienates the teabaggers. If Dixon said he didn't support the police and fire pension tax, he alienates the firemen. Dixon takes the easy road, he waffles.

Compare and contrast Dixon's non answer with Michael Hoeman's response to Catanese's inquiry.


Anonymous said...

I'm guessing he had the link sausage.

Anonymous said...

I think we can pretty well assume he doesn't eat at the "Y"

Busplunge said...

The Cry Out America prayer gathering…A handout in part emphasizes a "decrease in divorce rates, cohabitation, same-sex relations, sexual abuse, sexual trafficking, out of wedlock children and STDs."

"We cry out for a Christ awakening across America," Dixon said. "The soul of our nation is in jeopardy."

AND he wants to lengthen deer season.