Monday, November 09, 2009

Oliver North, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin---THIS JUST IN....DEBATE CANCELLED...

I keep expecting Carnac to open the envelope and tell us a funny punch line but it ain't gonna happen.

The SN-L is reporting that Oliver North will be in Silver Dollar City on Veteran's Day broadcasting "Fox and Friends".

Saturday Mike Huckabee called me up and invited me and anyone else who might be interested to come to a book signing of his latest book at Barnes and Noble. I wasn't paying too much attention as I was involved with crown molding. I missed it, it was this afternoon.

After the brouhaha in Iowa over a hundred grand, we are reminded that Sarah Palin will speak at College of the Ozarks in December---she will be speaking on patriotism, citizenship and civic engagement. Tickets are all gone. I wonder how much she is charging for the speech? From Margaret Thatcher to Sarah Palin...

Does anyone feel enthusiastic about the Republican Party or is this just a SW Missouri anomaly?

Shalom ~

"Reflections On Our Republic", the Lincoln-Douglas styled debates for Missouri's 7th District Republican Congressional Candidates, slated for two nights of three half-hour debates each evening, is being postponed until after March 30, 2010. We expect to keep intact the style format as published to host-sponsor "Reflections On Our Republic" (sans moderator and panel of questioners, six constitutional topics, round-robin, etc.)

Again, "Reflections On Our Republic," the Lincoln-Douglas styled debates for Missouri's 7th District Republican Congressional Candidates is postponed until after March 30, 2010.

Should you have any questions please address them by email to Please circulate this notification broadly. Thank you.

Love & Prayers,

Rabbi DF Eukel
Speaking of anomalies, a frequent bus rider tells us the backstory on the cancellation of the Rabbi hosted debates is one candidate is afraid the debate would interfere with his fundraising and reveal his lack of depth on the issues. Our expectations are such that we would hope that the person elected to replace Roy Blunt will have a deeper grasp of the issues that face our country and that the electorate realizes it will take much, much more than "a wink, nod and funny one-liner" to meet the needs of the district and its constituents.Rachel Maddow is reporting that Ike Skelton is a member of "the family".


Anonymous said...

It is easy to understand why one of the candidates, our auctioneer buddy, who wears the white hat and is always quick with a quip, doesn't want to debate --- right now he's seems to be playing the outsider but he has no substance to him.

Seems to me all he can do is lowrate Nancy Polosi...heck, I don't need Billy to do that when I can do that myself.

What I want to know is how is Billy going to be bring jobs to this area?

How is Billy going to be able to work with the house leadership?

How is Billy going to get to consensus?

I like going to Billy's auctions. He's a good show. But how quick will his fundraising dry up when people realize that he is all bluster and fury and has no depth.

Ah, a one trick pony.

Anonymous said...

Carmac: Piggly Wiggly

Ed: Piggly Wiggly

Carmac opens envelope and reads, "Describe Kermit the Frogs wedding night."


Anonymous said...

Where's Billy?

Ole Billy is a smooth as a preacher's...sermon. He is giving area Republicans a bubble bath and they are likin' far.

When has Billy given any money in the last two campaign cycles? To anyone? Do a or a search for him supporting any Republicans.

No wonder when he picked up the FEC Form-2, he didn't know to file as either a Rep., Dem, or auctioneer.

The circus is comin' to town and Jeff Roe is driving the clown car.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Jeff Roe described at as political pond scum?

That is enough for me to ask for a Republican ballot in the August Primary.

Anybody but Long. I like the guy from Nixa.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 2:47---

Soap can be a good lubricant...

but it leaves a horrible aftertaste...

But will he love me until the end of time?

(cue Meatloaf song---

Anonymous said...

cue Meatloaf song...

I don't care who you are......that's funny.