Monday, November 16, 2009

I Went To The Courthouse This Afternoon To Speak To The Assessor's Staff....

And while I am not sure of all that transpired, I was able to spike it down that I own a 1998 Honda Accord LX fodor with a V-6 motor and I own a 24 foot Sundancer Pontoon 24Sport.

The other results were the staff determining that I over paid my personal property tax in 2008 and the subsequent 20% reduction of my 2009 assessment..

The staff was courteous and patiently explained to me several times that it matters what make and model vehicle I own. I was patient in saying that I took the information off the titles and I thought vehicles decreased in value each year, not increase. Well, they do provided the person who does the assessing uses the right year's book.

As for the pontoon assessment increasing it had something to do with the motor being included with the boat's assessed value--which was a change from previous years.

When I got home, I went through all my titles to make sure that the information on my property tax assessment is the same as the information printed on the titles. I did notice that none of my titles list the model of vehicle, just the make, cylinders and horsepower. Well, I know it will be right for next year!

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