Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mother Nature, My Nature -- It's In Our Genes, Boys, It's In Our Genes

Here is a review I found on

"Mother Nature, My Nature - Nature's Rebellion is a timely work and I found it a read full of critical ideas and issues facing the world, the sea and all living things.

It is my opinion, Mr. Lee, with his work with sustainability, as outlined in his book, stands amongst the ranks of Thor Heyerdahl (In the Foodsteps of Adam) and James Lovelock (The Revenge of Gaia).

Of course, Mr. Lee was an underwater cameraman with on the Calypso with Jacques-Yves Cousteau who consecrated his life to teaching the world "about marvels that are at once exotic to us and yet ordinary in the abyss of the ocean"-Al Gore.

Mr. Lee started a Nature Study Center at Las Gatas reef in Zihuatanejo, Mexico 40 years ago, and continued to teach the tenants of symbiosis and ways to serve Mother Nature. The scope of Mother Nature, My Nature is vast.

In one book one can learn the scientific basis of natural selection and evolution of humanity, the development of cultural subsistence patterns, the negative impacts of technology on living systems, the reality and impact of global warming, overpopulation and the destructive force of the animal id.

Mr. Lee offers prescriptive guidelines for "right living" in balance with nature and confronts the issues of destructive religious faiths as challenged by the current works of Richard Dalkins (The God Delusion) and Sam Harris (The End of Faith).

Mr. Lee, in his late years, as Doctors Heyerdahl and Lovelock, caution us that the ocean is our mother and Gaia is very much alive and, that life will always go on. But, the human "virus", unless drastic changes are implemented globally, may soon run its course...

Mother Nature, My Nature is a power book that can catalyze significant life changes, if read with openness and discipline. Mr. Lee joins the ranks of dedicated and insightful activists trying to steer the course of people in nature to a sustainable future.".

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