Monday, November 02, 2009

Setting Your Atomic Clock For Standard Time

1. Remove the battery from the battery compartment for 30 seconds and then re-install.

2. Press the SET button for a few seconds until the hour starts flashing in the display.

3. Press the ADJUST button to set the hour.

4. Use the SET and ADJUST button to set the rest of the time and date. The setting sequence is hour-minute-second-month-date-year.

5. Press the MODE button to exit the setting mode.


1. Press the MODE button to enter the Alarm Time Mode.

2. Press the SET button to change the time zone.

3. Press the MODE button to exit.

If I help just one person set their atomic clock then my life will truly be a purpose-driven life.


admin said...

There's a reason this is mathematically proven to be the best blog in Springfield.

Anonymous said...

Standard Time

Drive a stick into the ground at high noon. Mark the tip of the shadow of the stick.

Thereafter, look at the shadow and guess at the time. You'll usually be within a half-a-day of the correct time.

If the day is cloudy, who really cares what time it is.

Anonymous said...

This was great help to me. I couldn't find a brand name on the clock, just that it was made in China. Your instructions included buttons that are on my clock, and I tried setting the time zone base on your instructions. It worked! Thank you, thank you, thank you.