Saturday, August 15, 2009

"Urban Garden Task Force Considers the Pros and Cons of Retail Produce Sales in Residential Neighborhoods"

I am shocked and stunned at how few people actually have ever weeded a vegetable garden before!

My Mother, God bless her little pea-pickin' heart, liked to tell a story about how we weeded the gardens. When we were growing up we had two vegetable gardens, one was on some farm land* near Defiance, MO my folks owned and another one at the original B's Nest near House Springs.

It was my brothers and I who were responsible for watering and weeding. Bob, Tom and I liked sweet corn, so that got weeded ok. We sorta liked tomatoes, so those got weeded and the suckers pulled off regularly. We liked green beans, radishes --both white and red, and potatoes, these all were weeded and watered.

Bob didn't like lima beans, I didn't peas and I think Tom didn't like squash. You can see where I am going now, can't you?

But Mom, we thought those were weeds!

Jackehammer has some information about the Urban Gardens concept and how it may apply to Springfield.

*It was here that I learned what happens when a sow has a litter with more piglets than teats she has.

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