Thursday, August 06, 2009

I've Been Looking At This Plot Of Vacant Land That I Think I Want To Grow A Garden On....

Just looking at all this fresh produce is putting dollar signs in my eyes $$$$$! Think how much money I'll be making when I put a garden in that vacant lot next to the....Wait a minute, I ain't gonna tell you where it's at, you might stake a claim before me or, worse yet, steal my produce off the vine!

Why, I've got the tractor to plow!
And a bus to haul the field workers in from Sparta.
And a jeep for the overseer to drive!
And a scarecrow to keep the produce thieves away!
And I got a truck to haul the produce we produce!!
Why we can have a garden that looks almost like this one except a lot bigger! There's money in produce!!


Jackie Melton said...


Anonymous said...

And, you can take the produce you produce to the Fair Grove Farmers Market where every piece of produce produced by producers must meet the fixed price guidelines set by the Farmers Market Momma in charge. Seriously.

Don't matter if your are the best gardener producing the best produce or the worst gardener producing the worst produce, the price is the same.

Only in America. Well, maybe just in Fair Grove.

Anonymous said...

Price fixing???

Why, Why, That's Commmunism!!