Friday, August 21, 2009

There May Be A Method To His Madness..But It's A Slippery Slope He's On

This morning, the PvtRn was reading the bus post on Roy Blunt buying a lot for 1.5 million dollars. She commented that he wasn't just buying the lot, he was buying a lifestyle.

Correctomondo PvtRN! It is sort of like buying a lot in Harry Cooper estates what with the gates and the covenants (no bus parked in driveways, no basketball hoops,no vegetable gardens, etc, etc, etc,) You the picture. You think Springfield P&Z regulations are stringent, check out Harry C's!

But why now? Why are Roy and Abagail in the real estate cycle now?

I started to blog these thoughts this morning when the son in law showed up to help me do some work around the bus garage. We worked on a brick sidewalk all day long!

Later this evening we went to the boys last baseball game in this league. YAY! No more Friday night games! The Shockers won, 8 to 3. Trey pitched, played short stop and first base. Trey is a good pitcher. Austin played left out and got a crucial hit that drove in the winning runs. It was a good game. Nicolas got a single, and stole second. It was a good game.

As I was checking my email, I picked up a comment from Painted Pine on the blog post Blunts Buy Lot in Washington D.C.:

Blunt is now letting the rest of MO know what we here in the Ozarks were aware of for a long time-he kissed our state good bye and he ain't coming back.

And that his real estate deal is an example of how extreme wealth is increasing while extreme poverty persists.

This comment brought to mind the conversation the PvtRN and I had this morning over coffee and the SN-L (yes, we re-upped our subscription, we like drinking morning coffee and reading the paper --old habits die hard).

Why is Roy selling the house now? What with the election just a little more than a year away, why go into more debt on a house when you may not have job in that city?

Wouldn't it be more prudent to buy a new house AFTER the election? This way, if you lose, you wouldn't be stuck with the house payments.

The PvtRN told me I didn't get it. Roy can't lose. IF he gets elected the next senator from Missouri (Olbermann thinks he already is a senator--he calls him Senator Blunt in his worst person in the word section)If he gets elected the next senator from Missouri he will need the big house --as he might think it is befitting of his station in life.

If he DOESN'T win the senatorial election and Robin Carnahan becomes the next Senator from Missouri, Roy will still need the big house to impress his lobbying clients for you can be dang sure that Roy will stay in Washington, either as an elected official (which seems to be less and less a possibility) but more likely as a lobbyist.

He and Abigail (his second wife) have all the connections.

What Roy doesn't have, he doesn't have a sense of his roots. He forgot where he came from.

Compare Roy to Ike Skelton. Roy likes to pretend he represents his constituents. Ike doesn't have to pretend, he does.

Southwest Missouri used to be called the buckle of the bible belt, (my grandson Austin hit a hard line drive that fouled off and hit the fence right in front of my seat at tonight's ballgame.

"Praise the Lord", said the man sitting next to me, "That that ball didn't come through the fence and hit you in the head."

The Lord had nothing to do with the ball not coming through the fence. Carnahan-White, on the other hand, had a LOT to do with it.

Anyone else remember Roy, Bill Webster and Wendall Bailey's campaign in 1992?


Anonymous said...

no, i was living in NYC in 1992 ... what happened during that campaign?

Rely On Your Beliefs (Roy B.) said...

second injury fund,
merry go round commercial (priceless---why ain't it on youtube?)
Bailey and his armored car,
Roy lost/
Webster eventually does time
nasty, dirty campaign.
Roy became president of Southwest Baptist College in Bolivar, divorced his wife and married a foxy lookin' lobbyist and they adopted a russian boy. I guess that contrary to the signs on I-44, the vastecomy couldn't be reverses.