Monday, August 03, 2009

Absolutely True Tale About A Talking Dog

Around these parts, when someone mentions 'talking dogs*', this comes to mind. Around here high class entertainment is sorta like pornography, you know it when you see it.

Brother John (Longrooffan) ran across an interesting talking dog tail he ascertains may be true. Read it here.

Bonus Question: On October 2, 1987 what company was awarded a 25 year lease by the US Army Corps Of Engineers to operate an excursion boat on Table Rock Lake from an adjacent 11.8 acres of land? Hint: Butterflies aren't free.


Branson Missouri said...

Since no one answered I'm going to take a shot...HFE?

Darin Codon
Branson Missouri

Busplunge said...

The bid was first given to "renaissance investments". The corps rescinded the bid and gave it HFE.

bonus question #2: After the bid was given to HFE, the colonel in charge of tablerock corps retired and went to work for which Branson attraction?