Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bountiful Harvest From Your Garden? Drop Off Your Fresh Produce At These Locations:

Harvest on Wheels
The following addresses have boxes for people to drop off fresh produce donations:
- Greene County Democratic Party Headquarters, 1764 S. Fremont Ave.
- Community Christian Church, 910 W. Battlefield Road
- National Avenue Christian Church, 1515 S. National Ave.
- David and Vicky Trippe, 616 E. Loren St.
- 1332 S. Kentwood Ave.
- 756 S. Pickwick Ave.
- 1050 W. State St.
- 626 S. Weller Ave.
- 1022 N. Rogers Ave.
- 5120 S. Winslow Court
- 3621 S. Mentor Ave.
- 3526 S. Welwood
- 2229 E. Bancroft St.
- 5156 S. Hazel Drive

For more information about joining the neighborhood produce gathering initiative of Harvest on Wheels, contact Vicki Trippe at 865-6333. For more information about the farmers market collection effort, contact Linda Bossi at 890-1079.

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Jackie Melton said...

Many of these addresses are residential. Will the City regulate vegetable drop offs in residential areas? I mean, it could potentially increase traffic to the residential areas of the drop off sites.

You see, these are the sorts of questions that come up when the City wants to regulate the activities of owners or tenants of residential properties, bus.

Just an FYI: At the Planning and Zoning Commission public hearing on the urban garden issue, Millsap made it sound as though the purpose of the "commercial" stand she covets was really to benefit her neighbors, that they would be able to purchase veggies from her. I'd want to seek clarification before I characterized it that way for sure though.

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