Monday, August 03, 2009

700 Miles Of Shore Line And They Got To Fish Next To Us

Late yesterday afternoon, the PvtRN and I were coved out on the pontoon in a sequestered cove on Bull Shoals lake, on the north side of the lake.

I knew it would be a good day on the lake when, as we were getting ready to put in, another boater made enough room on launch ramp for two boats to launch and motioned me that he left me space. I showed my appreciation and said I wasn't that good of backer and we weren't in any hurry.

I have been on launch ramps where people load their boats on the ramp or deflate their tubes while others are waiting to launch or put their boat on the trailer.

So this fisher was considerate of others and we appreciated that.

There are three little coves we like to hit on Bull Shoals. All of them are long and narrow and go quite a ways back into the bush country. All afternoon we had the arm to ourselves, only twice did bass boats come in and fish the cove. Both boats, when they saw our boat, left the cove.

Now, this is not a big cove, where we were the cove was not quite 35-40 wide, maybe 8 feet deep.

About 6 or so, we heard vehicles, we thought they might have been 4-wheelers or such, then we heard a kid say, "Dad, Dad, there's a boat down there!"

I hollered back, "Mom, Mom, there's people up there!"

The Dad laughed and he and his boys motored on down the trail. Actually I think they were bushwhacking because I didn't know there was a trail up there.

We still heard a motor running.

Then the PvtRn said there's two men up there.I mean to tell you, not 20 feet from where we were tied up, two men came up and started bank fishing the cove. There was no way they could not have seen our pontoon. They were just rude.

We left. We rationalized leaving by thinking we were going to follow the sun down to the launch ramp, which we did.

The PvtRn and I follow the code that if, and we did this when we had houseboat also, if someone is in a cove, we would go someplace else. If the lake was really busy and there were boats in every cove we went to, we would tie off to a tree as far away from the other boat so each boat could have some privacy, as such there is on the water where sound carrys.

To fish 20 feet away from a coved out boat is down right inhospitable!

Except for those two guys, we had a wonderful time at the lake!

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dirtsister said...

I don't fish, but I did not know it was bad manners to encroach upon your cove space.