Thursday, August 20, 2009

Blunts Buy Lot In Washington, D.C.

Earlier posts questioned what Roy and Abigal were going to do after their home in Georgetown sold.

Now it is known: They bought in this planned development The 16-acre new community of 46 luxury single-family residences of unique design and character will feature residences in the 4,500- to 9,000-square-foot range designed and constructed by recommended architects and builders. Generous home sites measure from nearly 9,000 to over 17,000 square feet.

From what I can tell, they didn't buy a house, they just bought a lot.

How much did they pay for the lot? 1.45 mil. One million, four hundred and fifty thousand dollars and that's just for the lot? Please, some body tell me for that money he got a house too.

I know there are bus riders in Washington, one of you guys leave a comment and tell us he got a house for that money.

Either way, house or lot, we're paying this guy way too much money or he's got a side income.


Anonymous said...

Does anyone besides me wonder about this guy's timing?

Blunt is now letting the rest of MO know what we here in the Ozarks were aware of for a long time-he kissed our state good bye and he ain't coming back.

And that his real estate deal is an example of how extreme wealth is increasing while extreme poverty persists.


Anonymous said...

You are telling it like it is ppine.

I would expect Carnahan to take a more moderate approach to representing Missouri, mush like McCaskil has.

Some of the people who go to Washington simply can't handle the power. The men get on the bottle and get to thinking they are handsome and that women want them.

When they lose their moral and spiritual compass, they lose the respect of others and have no value to us as our elected representative.