Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here Is A Link To The Torture Memos

Photo: a torture victim murdered while being beaten in a stress position by a masked US agent at Abu Ghraib.)

In October, 2007, we published this post . At that time we were mixing humor, sarcasm and irony in reaction to some news that was coming out that the United States allegedly waterboarded prisoners. It seemed almost too horrible to be true, we're the good guys with the white hats. Only the evil bad guys tortured prisoners.

But, sadly, it was true, our country did torture prisoners. And some of those tortured prisoners died.

The "Good Guys" crossed the line.

Here is a link to the torture memos.

God bless America.

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Anonymous said...

Every single person who authorized or performed torture belongs in prison. Patriotic Americans must send them there.