Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Carnahan Raises Over $1 Million In 60 Days

This just in from Robin Carnahan:

Dear Friends,

I've got great news. We are filing the first fundraising report of my US Senate campaign today and the results...well, they are nothing short of fantastic...

In less than 60 days, we raised over one million dollars!

Actually, we raised $1,048,000 (to be exact) from more than 1,400 contributions.

In these tough economic times, when so many families are reeling from the failed policies of the Bush years, I couldn't be more grateful for this outpouring of early support from so many friends.

Getting our economy back on track is job one. And I know you share my sense of urgency that our elected officials should focus on doing just that.

For me, public service is about solving problems, getting things done and creating opportunities for people to improve their lives. That's what I've done as Missouri's Secretary of State and that's what I want to do as your U.S. Senator.

Election Day is still many months away and we're sure to go through plenty of ups and downs between now and then. But we couldn't be off to a better start. And for that I'm grateful to all of you who've contributed to our success and signed up to be part of our team.

Now it's time to continue expanding our network. So, I'd appreciate it if you think about others who share our interest in bringing real and lasting change to Washington and forward them an invitation to join our effort. Please ask them to take a minute to do so at

Thanks again for your early support. It means a lot.


P.S. We've launched a new website and will be updating more information as we build our campaign. Check out our new look at

Dave Catanese of KY3 Political Blog shows us why this is important.

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