Friday, April 10, 2009

Group Calls For Springfield City Manager Called To Resign: Allege Ethical Breach

I received this news release from "The City" this afternoon:

"Several members of the media have requested a statement from City Manager Greg Burris to determine the validity of covering allegations raised in a news conference held by the SOS group this morning. Neither Greg, nor any members of City staff, were informed about, or attended, the news conference. Greg has issued this response based on the e-mail itself and the allegations raised in a news release following the news conference.
View the email in question
View Greg's statement"
Like Greg, I wasn't informed about or attended the press conference so I wasn't sure what allegations the SOS raised.

But at least one, possibly two Springfield bloggers attended the press conference mentioned. Jackehammer attended and possibly LifeOfJason may have attended the press conference also.

Read Life Of Jason and Jackehammer as they contribute their take on the SOS press conference and the events that transpired.

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