Friday, April 10, 2009

Denny Whayne Leaves City Council

Denny Whayne wasn't my representative on the Springfield City Council, Ralph Manley represents the district in which I live.

That doesn't mean that we can't salute Denny for his service on Council. The SN-L today has a lengthy story on Whayne's time on Council.

Councilman Manley said, "He represented the Black community on council and he did it well."

Does Manley think Whayne represented the black community because he was black? Does Manley think he represents the white community because he is white? Or he represents the real estate community because he is a real estate agent?

Ralph should have taken a cue from Samuel Knox, who said Whayne "...has represented the entire community very well."

Councilwoman Rushefsky said, "This is a man who had very significant health issues and yet he was always there. He did what a lot of council people who are in a much healthier state don't do."

This statement makes me wonder exactly what is it that "a lot of council people who are in a much healthier state don't do" and who are the "council people" Cindy is referring to?

Councilman Whayne, thank you for your service to our fair city.

Remember bus riders, the third largest city in the state is governed by a volunteer mayor and volunteer city council with a hired city manager.


Anonymous said...

You have a good eye, Jim ... I was also not impressed by Ralph Manley's statement .... I guess by his own standards, that means Ralph has done a good job representing those who parachuted into Normandy ...

d5thouta5 said...

Never had the opportunity to be a member of the community that this man represented, however, by the accounts provided he served his COMMUNITY as a representative should. Regardless of all else. He SERVED, and served with pride and conviction.
He should be thanked, and his family should be thanked for the sacrifices made to serve his community.


Anonymous said...

Manley needs to retire and do it sooner than later.

I agree that Mr. Whayne has done an excellent job of representing ALL people of the Queen City.

Manley, go back to your farm and don't come out until you realize you are too old to represent the major of your constituants.

Jason said...

Regardless of what you thought about the man's decisions, he stepped up to serve the community and for that he deserves our thanks.

Denny Crain said...

What do I think about the man's decisions?

Well, he weren't no Denny Crain, that's for sure.

But he was a credit to his....

Busplunge said...

Denny Crain, you made me laugh!