Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"Thank You For Your Support, Sir"

In this photo from today's SN-L, former councilman Ralph K. Manley tosses his resignation letter on the desk in front of Springfield Mayor Jim O'Neil.

"Thank you for your support, sir," Manley said to Mayor O'Neill. It is not known if Manley was referring to O'Neil's support of Chiles in the Mayor Pro Tem election. Watch the toss, hear the comment and decide for yourself.

David Catanese of KY3 reports Manley's decision to resign was made before Monday's Council meeting.

Ralph Manley said his decision to resign from City Council was made up before Monday night, but that the Mayor Pro Tem vote "advanced" his resignation.

"I think it was an insult to my honesty and integrity. To have a couple of people with bankruptcy running against me, was an insult to my intelligence, and I cannot put up with that part," Manley told KY3 News, in a direct slam at his former council colleagues.

Amos Bridges of the SN-L reports:
Manley, who has served as the Zone 3 representative for the past 10 years, cited lack of support for his bid to become mayor pro tem as one reason for the decision .

"I cannot go on the way it is if I cannot have a majority of the people support those plans ... rather than submit to lowering my standards," Manley said, before marching from the council chamber.

In an interview after the meeting, Manley said he made the decision to resign before Monday. His wife died last March and he plans to move to a smaller home outside city limits.

The third largest city in the state is governed by a volunteer board.

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