Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Sunday, Shrewsbury, MO, 1955

Bob, Tom and Jim, Easter, 1955


Horse-farmer said...

Talk about me learning early to have that relaxed style.
Bob and Jim are in suit coats,
me, yep, I'm in a jacket.

gotta love it.

Grandma Kath said...

Happy Easter to all of the Lees.

gerber said...

i was ten years old in shrewsbury mo in 1955...lived on exeter off weil. bill we know each other? i did not see a last name on your blog.

Busplunge said...

Bill, on the upper left corner of this blog, in the "search this blog" box, do a search on Shrewsbury, Murdoch, Bansbach, Honke, Wehner.

Jim Lee

gerber said...

Jim...thanks for your help. i went to St Michael's, graduating in 1959...our class is about to celebrate 50 years since graduating! i reviewed your stuff and you mention a Skippy (?)Russell...i think that was the first name. he may have been the little brother of Suzanne (Sue) Russell who lived on Brunswick or Nottingham, just west of Shrewsbury and Sue was a classmate of mine at St Michael. anyway, nice chatting with you! i miss the good old days in Shrewsbury...a real "Norman Rockwell" place to grow up!

Busplunge said...

Gerber,,,,Skipper Russell. I remember the older sister, forgot her name until you remembered it for me.

We lived at 7536 Nottingham and Skipper lived down the street.

We then lived at 19 St. Charles Place.