Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rove Directed Federal Assets For GOP gains

This is a lengthy article from the Washington Post, but if you are following the Karl Rove saga, it is a must read.

Portions of it we have heard before, but this scoops everything else. Rove is a political genius.

I wonder if this grant (Texas County Technical Institute: Healthcare: Bolivar,MO $1,949,954) was part of the plan?

For that matter, I wonder if the money from this grant is being spent as it was allocated? Texas County Technical Institute is in Houston, MO. Bolivar Technical College is in Bolivar, although I noticed that in the Community Foundation of the Ozarks it is called Bolivar Technical Institute.

7/27/07 nur101 5 4 2 2 majority of students failed the HESI exam. 12 are in fear of not passing it the second time. making BÂ’s in the course, but failing the HESI. she has their money and if they cannot pass the HESI, then they most likely wonÂ’t pass the NCLEX.If they fail the NCLEX, it goes against the school. There must be an 80% pass rate or they go on probation.
7/16/07 FON1 3 3 3 3 Why would a technical college have a place to rate a professor? There is no such title at this college. These are instructors only. I agree with the individual who posted in May 07. This college has had serious problems. If you have attended it, you would know the problem starts at the top. Why are they allowed to continue operating in Bolivar?
5/1/07 nur101 5 1 2 5 this was the most awful excuse for school I could imagine. everything good was considered bad and everything bad was applauded. a poor attitude was rewarded and hard work was frowned upon. the rudest most unprofessional conduct was allowed & encouraged and even serious hippa violations--ignored. classwork too hard? never mind. we won't cover it.
Well, that certainly was interesting!


Anonymous said...

Did you know that Bolivar Technical College is a branch campus of Texas County Technical Institute in Houston, MO? It was one of two branch campuses that opened in September 2005. It took four times for the associate degree program to be approved by the board of nursing. It is clear there are some regrets.

In December 2006, the other branch campus, Branson Technical College was voluntarily closed. It is unclear who volunteered the closure because the board of nursing tried to close them down in the first year of operation. And, don't ask about the orange floor or having to move to a different building after the first semester.

Out of the Bolivar class, 15 of the graduates work for Citizens Memorial Hospital in Bolivar. If you knew the nurses' wages they offer there, you would understand why the CEO wants the college to remain in Bolivar, Missouri.

The graduates have done very well on their NCLEX-RN examination. Just ask them how much they paid per credit hour to teach themselves. Politically, this college will continue to exist. But if you ask the numerous past employees and students, they would recommend not engaging in that sort of educational experience.

Anonymous said...

In the RN program, how many of the employees that started these branch campuses are still there? None. There have been 3 different practical nursing and associate degree nursing directors. For some reason, there was no money to advertise for faculty or support the learning needs of students. For that reason, they had teachers who did not hold a bachelor's degree and faculty who held numerous roles. How is it that associate-prepared nurses teach associate degree students? No one of integrity will go or stay there.

I wonder where the $18,000 went? You know, for the orange floor mistake on the Branson campus. It surely did not go to students and employees.

I agree with anonymous. Most know it is all political and the simple fact that ACICS is their accrediting body. Who ever heard of such an accreditation? People like Sanford Brown owners, but this college is not-for-profit. Incredible.

Anonymous said...

It does seem strange that all grant money was procured for Texas County Technical Institute in Houston, MO, but is being spent in Bolivar. Grant money obtained was based on the unemplyment rate, and low annual income of Texas County residents, not the case in Bolivar. Texas County residents are being cheated!