Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Blog.....I Kinda Like It

Any blog that proclaims itself as the "Voice of Truth" I am going to have trouble with. Likewise, any blog that proclaims itself as "True Wisdom" I am probably going to be disinclined to read it or, more likely, will be inclined to disagree with it.
Somehow I came across this blog.

The URL address is, but the name of the blog is "Not In Persuasive Words Of Wisdom". I don't agree with everything the blogger posts, but I can read his blog without having to wade through diatribe and self-righteous blather.

I particularily like the post of Tuesday, July 03, 2007:

The Laws of Mancala
1. Slow down
2. Look at your options
3. Consider the consequences
4. Protect yourself
5. Learn from your mistakes

I didn't know what Mancala was, but I liked its rules. They seemed to be pretty well balanced and, in my mind, a pretty solid blueprint to follow. So, I googled Mancala.

And while I was googling "Mancala", I came across this linked article which is pretty interesting.

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brent said...

Don't mistake the rules of mancala with the laws of mancala. The rules tell you how to play but the laws tell you how to win. You won't find the laws on the internet as they were developed by a colleague except for law 5.

Thanks for the complement. There is a reason for the play in the name and the site. Don't look at the surface. You'll have to read the blog to understand.