Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bush Compared To Walker, Texas Ranger: Gets Mad

George Bush has this fashion sense and he is also upset enough to call the reporter of an article critical of his fashion sense. It's all over the web now. Here is a link to article in question.

Actually this is pretty funny but it is also the sign of something bigger. Bush is getting mad at something he CAN control: a reporter writing about his wardrobe.

From the Washington Post:
Last week, Marques Harper of the Austin American- Statesman wrote a short piece about the president's sartorial style on his Texas ranch, where Bush is spending a two-week vacation. The article was reprinted Tuesday in a Waco, Tex., paper, and the leader of the free world was not pleased.

Harper received a phone call that morning from White House deputy press secretary Dana Perino, who, Harper told friends, said the president read the article and was unhappy about the way he was portrayed.

"I was surprised," said the style writer, who declined to repeat the off-the-record conversation with Perino when we called.

Harper wrote: "The president has two distinct looks when he's in Texas: the ranch-hand man and the crisp appearance of a ranch owner. In recent months, with his sliding popularity, he's opted to look more like 'Walker, Texas Ranger' than a sweaty, tough ranch hand." In the piece, an image consultant offered that Bush needed to "step it up" to keep his "bravado image" on the ranch.

"It was a piece that looked at his ranch wear at Crawford over the years," Harper told us yesterday. "It was a fun piece. Here in Austin, I got e-mails saying, 'That was the dumbest story I ever read.' "

No laughing matter for the president, who apparently was offended that anyone would think he just dresses like a real rancher. After clearing all that brush? Never!

Here is more on Mr. Sensitive. And another piece here.
The President of the United States is clearing brush. When I was growing up, the person who knew what he was doing used the axe or chain saw. The rest of us piled.

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