Friday, August 24, 2007

Man Falls Into Hole In The Ground

Parks naturalist Matt Forir, Public Works employee Scott Hall and trail user James Schaeffer view the sinkhole. Photo by Mike Penprase, News-Leader.

A man walking along the Galloway Creek Greenway Trail fell into a hole in the ground.

Springfield-Greene County Assistant Parks Director Bob Belote said he didn't have specifics on how the man rescued Wednesday night ended up in the hole and said he hadn't been told the man's name.

He probably had to answer the call of nature and went off the trail to find a tree or some leaves. I'll bet he knows the difference between a hole in the ground now.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the time has come for the Greenways folks or the city to put some public restrooms along the trails. I've hiked a lot of the trails and a few times barely avoided having to duck behind a bush to answer nature's call! :)

Anonymous said...

Of all the holes in all the grounds, he had to fall into this one.