Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Voice of Truth

Ron D, our pal over at Chatter, has a link to a new blog on the uberspace, "The Voice of Truth".

When someone titles his blog, The Voice of Truth, what does that mean?

Does it mean that his blog is full of the truth? By whose standards? I cruised over to the VOT, wasn't comfortable with the style or the tone:
"Now, to the liberals who dropped me a few love notes. I know that you’d prefer I not continue because (to quote you) “there are enough Christian conservative bigots forcing their views on everyone else.” You need to quit drinking the Soros Kool-Aid and realize that’s the attitude that’s keeping you from reaching out to conservatives and have them listen to your views. No one’s going to sit down and have a serious discussion when the other side of that chat is sitting there spewing terms like “bigot” when you disagree with them. Try turning down the rhetoric and just bring your ideas and facts to the table. If you really believe you have the better way for the country to run then you can present it without insulting those who disagree with you."

That's what I need, a lesson in how not to insult people by someone who insults me in teaching the lesson.

What's this Soros Kool-Aid, I've seen that term popping up in several places lately.
Is it an oblique reference to Jim Jones and Jonestown down in Guyana where all those hudnreds of people committed suicide by drinking poison kool-aid? I remember when that happened. It was horrible. I'll google it. It's a reference to George Soros, the money man behind

He is the left's version of the
Swift Boat Robert Perry who, in 2006, surpassed Soros as the largest political donor in the country, contributing over nine million dollars to GOP senate and house candidates nationwide.
The Turner Report has more on the Blunt/Perry connection..

I think I'll take a lead from Ezra Kornscrabble and pass on this one, Ron.

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Anonymous said...

Well, you may pass on my blog but I'll be linking to yours. I believe we should be looking at all points of view and not just those that feed our own cycle of belief.

Thank you for at least taking the time to view the blog.