Sunday, July 29, 2007

Branson = No Alcohol + God

There is an interesting discussion going on at Branson MO blogspot on alcohol and Branson Landing. (See his post on Jerry Roars and the First Amendment.)

I have been to Branson Landing. The city took something that was unique to Branson and had some local flavor and turned it into an outdoor mall that could be anywhere. Homogenous shopping is like McDonald's----it all tastes and looks the same.

Read the links in his posts also. Makes for interesting reading about the little town to the south of us.

Yesterday my daughter was telling me about her trip to Branson Landing. She said she and her husband got a glass of beer at some outdoor restaurant. She was surprised to find the beer and how expensive it was.

That American Idol Guy, Taylor Hicks, thinks Branson is like Las Vegas without the glitter. or something like that.

Me, I don't go there anymore unless I have to. The sales tax is almost 10%. Better to drive to Forsyth, no crowds, less traffic and cheaper prices. OK, I do shop at the outlet malls.

Lots of entertainers and wannabe entertainers are looking for work in Branson MO.

This is an example of why I don't like Branson:


Anonymous said...

There are some pretty expensive things in Branson, but some of the Branson attractions are worth seeing.

Tom and Bets said...

Branson offers shows. There's a frenzy among visitors: What show did you see? There are no celebrities, just "Tributes." When you buy tickets to a show, be ready for 2 hours of enduring high-energy Christian performance with no beer, wine or drinks. This "Vegas-like" town has no drinking and the nightlife ends at 10pm (and there are no casinos). So this is like Vegas, how?