Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blunt Town Hall Phone Call

Call dept of revenue for reimbursement for off the road use of gas. try a fee office.
gas prices coming out of his profit. working for energy independence....canned speech. Hardship lack of policy has

Joplin....three minutes. commerical on
alterative minimun tax and estate unfair to have to pay taxes on money our parents and grandparents earned. The middle guy is being taxed to death. Warren buffet gets more breaks 17.5 tax, she is paying 41 percent.

Blunt: if not indexed for inflation, the so-called tax for the rich, everyone becomes rich. nothing yo have wehn you die that you haven't paid taxed for many times in your life. thank youufor your call.

Wallace in Springfield: I can't believe I'm talking to you.....lived in other countrys and the US is the best place to live. so grateful that we have you and your son working for MO and the country at large. Everyone here trusts you adn respects you.
Blunt, gee this is the last call... another commercial for website, out of time
look forward to hearing from you.

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