Tuesday, July 10, 2007

God Is Coming To Fort Leonard Wood

From the Gateway Ministries Website: (link below)

Picture yourself as a new recruit in Basic Training for the Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines or returning as a seasoned warrior to a Senior Service School for further training. What are your needs? Basic Training and Advanced Training are tough, rigorous, demanding experiences. You’ll come out of it knowing you can be and do much more than you ever dreamed. You’ll be ready for more than you ever imagined. But what about spiritual readiness–will you gain that, too?

Spiritual readiness means having the inner resources to face all that life has to throw at you, and even all that death could throw at you besides. It means being connected with the God of the universe in such a way that you know, whatever happens, you are ready for it.

The Military Ministry has staff at many of the gateways (basic and advanced training locations) in the Armed Forces, and we want to help you be ready. Check out the Military Ministry Bible Studies at chapel Sunday mornings or during the week (the links below as well as local chaplain should be able to help you find us). Make sure you’re really ready when you finish your training!

Here is the link to the military ministry website. It is for enlisted men, there's another one for officers. Two different websites, two different audiences, two different missions, two different foxholes. Well Golly Gee Sergeant Carter, we can't have the enlisted men and officers fraternizing, can we?
And finally, "With God On Our Side".

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