Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Blunt town hall meeting

Russell in Springfield: retired military....two years in Iraq. Not meeting benchmarks, those guys have no idea what democracy is all about. Can we send someone over there and get it rolling.
Blunt-I was at white house today, the military gets up to a position of acceptable performance quicker than politicians. Takes a while to get to democracy. Iraqs have to realize they have to perform. This july report, all news no benchmarks met, the report will say in half of the bench marks they have made satisfactory progress.

12 more minutes....if you have advice for me, everyone will be transferred to voice mail. spends all the time telling us what time he has left and 1000 people on this call. If you visit his website, you can sign up for email newsletter, this is a political advertizement. the calls appear to be screened.

Carpenter house in Springfield. really teh johnson house. has son with autism, what are you going to do about the mandated vaccine for girls and cervical cancer?
Blunt...we are not doing that in MO.....fatherly view, as long as gov blunt is governor that won't be happening. Autism state is doing things leading in right direction for autism. The gov and legis just approved. Best wishes to you and yoru family as you deal with this.

I been on the phone for maybe 20 minutes, three calls.

Springfield, Nixa....North American highway from Mexico to CAnada.. financed by Mexico and no inspections for trucks. Lost Sea treaty. Won't be able to launch our ships. United Nations want to take over the world.
Blunt: no highway the mexican govt is paying for that goes through the US. Blunt opposed entry of mexican trucks to us that don't meet our standards. HE favors lost seas treaty.,,maybe it is the law of the sea treaty.

Thank you for Christian leadership and good governor. Farmers get break to depend on fuel. bad connection...son runs lawn service business. heavy breathing. son is 35,
Blunt: determination by the state to give breaks to people who use fuel off the road. not fair to pay gas tax to run lawn mower.

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