Friday, July 13, 2007

Compromising Positions

My wife and I pay cash for most everything. If we can't afford it, we save up the money until we can afford it.
This stops most impulse buying (Airstream, Cushman, BusPlunge, Pontoon Boat, Motorscooter)....well it works most of the time.

We have a credit card, a Capital One card that we have used ONE time, that was to buy a warranty for my wife's laptop computer. I paid off the card in April.

Early last May, our daughter called and said we had some packages at her house. My wife and I looked askance, we had ordered nothing, much less ordered anything to be sent to the daughter's house, in my wife's name. Then later in the month, we got a statement with two charges on the card from an educational services book sales.

I called Capital One and they wouldn't talk to me because my wife's name was on the card. I wanted to cancel the card, they couldn't, wouldn't do it. I called my wife at work and suggested she call Capital One. She did and they said they would reverse the charges. My wife wanted to cancel the card. Capital One said that wasn't necessary, they would just change the numbers.

We called the book companies and sent the books back. I got the email address of the person who ordered the books online:

Today, I get a bill from Capital One. You guessed it, the charges are still on the card only now there is a 19.00 late fee and .50 cent finance charge.

I immediately called the credit card company and have been on hold since 12:15, it is now 1:07 and the battery's went dead on my cordless phone.

Capital One: You just lost my business

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