Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First It's Chatter with the Giant Lobster....WELL HE STARTED IT!

This is all Chatter's fault.
He writes of the giant lobster,
Remember when we raked them red hot lobsters
Out of the driftwood fire?
They sizzled and crackled and sputtered a song
Fittin' for an angels' choir.
We slit 'em down the back and peppered 'em good,
And doused 'em in melted butter.
Then we tore away the claws and cracked 'em with our teeth
Cuz we weren't in the mood to putter.
b-52's Rock Lobster might have worked here also, but instead we went with the

And there I was, twisting round the fire, having fun, when all of a sudden a giant squid! and I ain't talking Jules Verne giant squid, I'm talking for real giant squid washed ashore on a beach in southern Australia.

Biologists who inspected the squid said it weighed some 550 pounds (250 kilograms) and stretched 26 feet (8 meters) from head to tentacle—about as long as a school bus.

But the beast might have been even longer when it was alive, because the tentacles appeared to be badly damaged.

"It's a whopper," Genefor Walker-Smith, curator at the Tasmanian Museum, told the Reuters news service

Another giant squid bearing similar injuries washed up on a Tasmanian beach in 2002. Scientists at the time suspected that the wounds were the result of a raucous sexual encounter, suggesting that giant squid may breed nearby.

What's next?

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