Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roy Blunt Cracking Down On Wall Street Fraud!

Yea! Yea!
Oh wait, this was in 1990.
What's he done since then?

Here's one thought:

The Blunt family is now basically a lobbying firm - sons, wife, Roy himself is a great lobbyist for the insurance, drug, banking industries . . . and, his most famous earmark, a rider to help his wife's big tobacco lobbying firm that he attached to the Homeland Security Bill in the wee hours. Even his GOP counterparts thought that was inappropriate, and it cost him his leadership position and gave us all John Boehner. And let's not forget Roy's hard work on behalf of Jack Abromoff's Indian casinos in Mississippi - he actually sent threatening letters to the Department of Interior on buddy Jack's behalf. But that's Roy for you . . . always thinking of ways to help his loyal constituents here in God's Country.

Here's another:
This is typical 'Blunt" speak. Now traveling on the Republican Chamber of Commerce dime. He's saying forget what I did for 14 years, and my voting and lobbying against the middle-class. Just trust me because my opponent is a Democrat.
The 'plan' - Extend the wealthy tax cut, DON'T regulate Wall Street, let big corporate and special interest send more jobs overseas, while repealing health care reform, Social Security, Medicare as soon as I get ANOTHER 3.6 million from banking, securities, and other special interest, I'll find jobs for Missouri.

Here's another

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