Thursday, August 19, 2010

Billy Long Refuses To Debate Or Do Media Interviews: Offers To Send Jeff Roe Instead

It's been a busy day for Billy Long, who won the crowded 8 man republican primary for the 7th District seat currently held by Roy Blunt earlier this month. While Billy was taking in the midway at the Missouri State Fair, his handlers reneged on his promise to debate Scott Eckersley, the Democrat nominee. Long's camp is alleged to have walked out of the meeting in a huff.

Here is Eckersley's take on the matter:

Springfield, MO 19th August 2010: Mr. Long confirmed today he is backing out of the previously accepted Courthouse Debate Series extended to the Long campaign on August 4th. They were concerned about coverage of the debates, and argued that the pre-primary candidate forums qualified as debates.

“For someone who says he’s ‘Fed Up’ with politics and touts himself as an ‘outsider’ these stalling and misleading tactics tell a very different story.” Said Eckersley, “There’s never been a more important time for the people of Southwest Missouri to really get to know the person who wants to represent them. The people don’t want to gamble on the party label - they’re looking at the person. They want someone with the courage and conviction to stand up and fight for their interests in Washington. I’m going to keep talking to the communities of Southwest Missouri and prove to them I’m that guy. When Mr. Long gets back in the district and wants to get to work, he knows where to find me.”

The Eckersley campaign will move forward with the scheduling events. Mr. Long was invited to reconsider his decision not to debate, and meet Eckersley at any point along the tour.
Long, who campaigned as a outsider 'fed up' with career politicians, spent the day at the Missouri State Fair and apparently was not at the meeting. Instead he tweets that he was at a press conference at the fair with "Roy, Blaine and Vicky" all of whom fit the description of "Career Politicians."

Other tweets today from Long, who tweets as "auctnr1" include:
Visiting Missouri Beef House @MoStateFair 'Beef - It's What's For Dinner'

Heading to Soybean Assoc. in Agriculture building at @MoStateFair

At the Missouri Farm Bureau press conference @MOStateFair w/ Roy, Blaine & Vicky

Beautiful morning at Governor's Ham Breakfast @MoStateFair in Sedalia

It is also being reported that Long is refusing interview requests from the media and offering to send his hired man Jeff Roe, pictured below with his iphone, to speak for him.Billy Long, with a big grin on his face, is pictured below with his iphone. Earlier this summer at a candidate's forum in Ozark, MO, Long appeared to be receiving, via that device, answers to questions presented to him. All the candidates were asked the same question. Long was randomly chosen to answer the first question at the forum. He didn't know the answer.


Anonymous said...

"don't want to gamble on the party label...", that's a clever jab in his response...

Anonymous said...

Long's handlers don't want him to debate or do any media where they cannot script him.

He's a hick.
He's dumb as a post.

We are about to be the laughing stock of the whole freaking country.

Anonymous said...

Shades of Sarah Palin.

Billy couldn't even get by with winkydinks at a debate because the front row would faint.

If he is elected Missouri will join the political ranks of the wretched southern states and slowly slide into irrelevancy.

And Jon Stewart and Colbert will have fresh material.

I am really pissed.


Busplunge said...

A local politico gave me some sage advice awhile back:
If you have a stupid candidate, limit access.

Anonymous said...

Would that politico have been Sarah Palin's former campaign manager?

We could hope for a media backlash.


Busplunge said...


No, he predicted that Billy would back out of the debates as soon as he heard about them.

He said that Billy's handlers couldn't afford to let him debate, that would be the quickest way to lose the election.

His reasoning was my comment.