Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Billy Long In Las Vegas: Some In GOP Celebrate

The longiswrong is reporting that "It has been confirmed by anonymous fliers on an Allegiant Air flight, Billy Long flew out of Springfield, Missouri on Saturday for a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada."Also interesting from that same website are the comments on this blog entry. Here's a taste:

This sounds more like the Barnum and Bailey circus than it does any kind of legitmate new political establishment. Long will prove he is a political clown, ineffective because he is in this for himself and not the people of Southwest Missouri. He lacks the political knowledge he needs to be effective, and he will be controlled easily. Perhaps that's why some in the party celebrate.

Some may think Billy deserves this trip to Vegas, after all he's been busy and deserves a break. Unlike most of us who get our break from McDonald's, Billy jets to Las Vegas, what with all the showgirls and strippers and POKER TABLES! Yea! Yea!.

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