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Did The Good Doctor Put A Foot In His Mouth By Making Poorly Worded, Ambiguous Declarations?-

The story unfolds with this story by Cory DeVera:

The president of the Missouri Republican Assembly for the 7th District criticized former GOP congressional candidate Michael Wardell on Tuesday for his support of Democrat Scott Eckersley over Republican Billy Long.

At a news conference at which Wardell announced his support, Dr. Scott Magill reminded Wardell that he and the other Republican candidates had pledged to support the winner of the GOP primary at a debate hosted by the Missouri Republican Assembly.

"How do you justify -- change -- a willingness to neglect that pledge and say it was of no importance?" asked Magill.

Magill said he, like Wardell, had served in the Marines, and he held "very sacred" a man's integrity.

Wardell said he could not remember the exact phraseology of what he had pledged at the forum.

"I don't think I would have made that promise," he told Magill. "However, if I did, then I completely apologize for breaking my word."
I was at that press conference. Magill was combative and very aggressive* in directing his statements towards Wardell. Learning that the event in question was on the internets, I drove the bus down the series of interconnected tubes and listened to the podcast. Magill's criticism of Wardell is weakened considerably when one listens to the podcast.

Here is a transcript of that podcast, from the ksgf website, of the Missouri Republican Assembly meeting held on June 30, 2010,

4:47 into the podcast Dr. Scott Magill is speaking:
A couple of things I would like to do before we ask the first question.

First of all we are all family, we have discussions, we have disagreements in family, but we are still family and I think it is important that we understand that and we

I am going to ask each of the candidates to agree to two issues.

First of all, as family, I would like, in order, if everybody would agree to support the will of the voter, and to continue to support the Republican party, the platform and the constitution regardless of the outcome of the primary.

(everyone present agrees to the statement)

The next thing, I, and this is not a surprise, except uh, anybody potentially Mr. Moore and I sure he’s all right with that, uh,

As a family and as a Missouri Republican Assembly I have, I think that it is important all of these gentlemen bring a lot to the table, they bring a lot to the discussion and the worst thing that could ever happen would be to have six at the table now out of the picture after the primary.

So the 7th District Chapter of the Missouri Republican Assembly has, as of today, established a new action group, which is presently chaired by City Councilman Nick Ibarra and this action group will be composed of those who do not come out victorious of the primary.

And their purpose is to stay actively involved with the congressman when he is elected, and to pat him of the back and support him.

And they can pat him on the back with their hand or their foot.

But it is important to have support group that is in communication to make sure that whoever is in that office is indeed abiding by the constitution, by the Republican platform and representing their constituents back at home.

And I can think of no finer group to do that then the people you see at this table in front of you.
Magill's disjointed remarks are par for the course and seem to follow the Michael Feldman five disclaimers school of reasoning by using poorly worded, ambiguous statements.

Wardell, for his part, looks to be following Magill's directive, using his foot to make his point.

Wardell prefaced his reasons for not endorsing Long by stating this is "not about party" but about "integrity, not special interests."

Believing Long is weak on national security and veteran's affairs, Wardell said he also exhibits a "lack of understanding of foreign policy.

"I don't think we need representation in Congress who doesn't know what he's doing, and for that I am not apologizing,"

We will never be able to make that determination for ourselves because Billy's handlers seem to have put a lid on him and are keeping him under a tight leash.

Heh, Heh, I sort of want this Billy back, it's like watching a train wreck:

A little over 9.5% of eligible voters in the 7th District voted for Long.

*here's another combative, aggressive ad---full of anger and finger pointing.

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