Friday, August 20, 2010

Long Speaks

"But wait a minute. I won dammit. I won last week when I knocked off Goodman and Nodler. Who is this danged Democrat nipping at my heels?"

"What? Another election? What do you mean, another election? I already won, dagnabbitt."

"The general election? What the purple-persimmon-pie are you talking about? I already WON the election. I'm fed up."

Thanks to Brian S. for making the laugh. And thanks to Natalie Preston for the great photo!

For another perspective, this time from a former conservative Republican, on Long backing out of the debates, read this post by Duane Graham.


Anonymous said...

Billy Long looks like he is farting.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no. He looks like he is trying not to fart.

Anonymous said...

with all his money you think he'd splurge on weight loss surgery!

Anonymous said...

he is too busy downstream to take time for liposuction

Anonymous said...

Billy will get to Washington and hate it. He has never operated in an environment when he has not been in control and the sole decision maker. He will be a wall flower in the Chamber and this will haunt him until he make a very tough decision.

He will not be the first to announce after one year that he is not going to seek re-election.

Anonymous said...

Wrong again...Duane Graham is far from being a Republican. Erstwhile Conservative is his blog Erstwhile=Former.

Busplunge said...

Anon 4:51 AM--

He sure as heck ain't a Democrat!

Oh yeah, I see you took the early bus. Thanks for riding.

Anonymous said...

Long is such an embarrassment. Please don't elect this Jerry Springer hick to the US House. I cannot believe Roy Blunt would do this to us. Maybe he doesn't want someone to follow him that does better than he did in office.

This is really coming down to a Blunt VS Eckersley thing.

No way I would vote Long.