Friday, August 27, 2010

Former Nightclub Owner Billy Long: "We Never Said We Would Do Ten Courthouse Debates". Uh, I Think You Did, Billy

I transcribed the interview former nightclub owner Billy Long** had with Nick Reed on KSFG early Thursday morning.

It is interesting You can read it over here

Also interesting, after you read Billy's account ("We* never said we would do ten courthouse debates"), link over here and read KSMU's story ("A spokesperson for the Billy Long Campaign, Royce Reding***, told KSMU on August 4 and August 17 that Long would participate in the 10 courthouse debates.")

*Is that the royal "we" or the editorial "we"?

**Wild Bill's on North Glenstone

***Wonder how long it is before Royce goes the way of Curtis?


Anonymous said...

Poor Curtis Trent. Billy Long walked all over him, but it was reported Trent was in Nixa looking at houses. It makes you wonder if Long took care of him for covering things up for Long.

Also, Long was at an Ashcroft appearance last night. If John Ashcroft knew the real Billy Long, Ashcroft wouldn't vote for Billy Long. That would be like Heaven voting for Hell.

Anonymous said...

Billy did not own Wild Bill's nor was he a frequent pole dancer-watcher.

Anonymous said...

my old pappy taught me to never trust two types of people.
never trust a bible thumper,
they sin all week long and then ask forgiveness on sunday, and then start all over again monday.
never trust a fat man,
if they don't have the discipline to control their own weakness,
how can they control other's.

one of the seven

Anonymous said...

I think it's the Royal Nonesuch.

It's a toss up who was the most incoherent during that interview. Jeez you can't make this stuff up.

Candidate Billy Long is all vines and no taters. Clearly the man in his lifetime has never watched a real debate.

This is really, really bad.


The CDM said...

Let's give this arrogant blowhard the benefit of the doubt and say he gets elected. What he doesn't seem to realize that the people he wants to "reform" up there won't have a damn thing to do with him until he learns to "play ball" with the rest of them.

It's only a matter of time before whoever gets elected will be taken under the wing of the party elect. You can't get things done if no one up there will have a thing to do with you because you wanna be some renegade that's wants to clean up the place.

Yeah, good luck with that one, Buddy.

Anonymous said...

Idiot Department Manager,

I can see why you were promoted to lead the idiots. You fit right in.

I doubt very seriously you could pass a remedial civics test on how the U.S. Congress operates as set forth by the United States Constitution and the House Rules which have are constantly changing.

The Republicans in Congress will caucus, set an agenda, and go to work. Billy Long will be part of this process and he will take it very serious.

Climb back in your hole, goofball.

Anonymous said...

well I hope Billy would be looking t a naked exotic dancer and not the pole. With Billy, you never know.

The CDM said...

Anon coward from 3:52 - Actually, I got an A and can prove it. In fact, I'll put my transcript against your any day...oh wait, that's right, you're an anon coward that throws shit and just takes off.

If you even believe half the shit you're throwing out there, you're more deluded than those idiots that went to D.C.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:01
I imagine the conversation Billy has in a strip club to be this...
"Hehe dere a naked girl OHHHHH SHINY POLE!"

Anonymous said...

Billy never owned Wild Bills. You could often find him at the Pink Cadillac with what seemed to be an endless supply of dollar bills.