Thursday, August 26, 2010

Billy Says The Darndest Things; Billy Speaks On KSGF This Morning

I am in the process of preparing a transcript of Billy Long's appearance this morning on KSGF.

It is not easy to do because Billy rarely speaks in complete sentences or completes a thought.

As a teaser, here are some quotes and comments that I tweeted this am:

"There will be debates."

"I can campaign all season long and not do debates."

"I ran for 18 months never running against my opponents." (What about that anti- Goodman and Nodler ad you ran late in the primary?)

"...debate at high noon?" that will "stroke me out, (I'm a) big old fat boy."

"...never said we'd do 10 courthouse debate, we did 17 debates, forums, whatever you want to call them."

"I AM ANXIOUS TO DEBATE HIM." KSGF morning show, "Not going to try this thing in the media."

"I'm not going to let Obama, Pelosi Reid cram this thing down my throat."

"I am anxious to debate him (Eckersley). There will be debates." KSGF August 26, 2010

When you compared Obama and Kim Jong Il to you and Eckersley on KSFG this am.... which one are you? The evil communist dictator or the socialist?

After listening to KSFG, it becomes clear why Billy's handlers want to speak for him. I guess his out of town people weren't in town.

Listen to the 18.5 minute (or so) broadcast from KSFG here.


Anonymous said...

Greenwood wants his diploma back!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't say much for Greenwood, does it?