Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Schadenfreude? You Betcha!

Hey Rod, you forgot your flag pin!Vintage Jetton posts: Twinkies, Pop Tarts and Steak, September 18, 2007 and The Sad Legacy of the Jetton Era, May 20, 2008. The StL Today article mentioned is linked here. If that link doesn't work, Randy Turner published excerpts on the Turner Report here. In October, Jason Noble and Steve Kraske of the Kansas City Star wrote an indepth look at Jetton under the headline "House For Sale".

Stinque has a post titled "Fugitive GOP Icon Surrenders To Police In Bizarre Republioan Wife Beating Case.

The Erstwhile Conservative thinks Missourians Need A Safe Word.

Just Read It tells of the New Inductee Into The Family Values Hall Of Fame.

Jonathon Turley wonders if we should Spare The Rod.

Uniball Roller wonders about covering the Appalachian Trail with Green Balloons.

Joe.My.God. tells us about safewords.

Wonkette wonders how one says "Green Balloons when one is being choked.

Tony Messenger tells us Rod is shutting down his consulting firm to "Spend More Time With His Family.

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Anonymous said...

I want to be on this jury!