Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Sad Legacy Of The Jetton Era, from STLtoday.com

From STLtoday.com: The sad legacy of the Jetton era.

Here's my Jetton story: In 2002, as I was preparing to seek the state representative's seat in the new 138th district here in Springfield, Mark Wright and Brad Rourke caught up with me in Jefferson City at the Capitol building and said Rod Jetton wanted to see me. I asked what would he want with me. Wright and Rourke said Jetton wanted me to register and run for the seat as a Republican. Jetton had told them to tell me that if I did that he would see to it that I became chair of the house education committee.

I told them I appreciated his interest, but I wasn't interested.

That guy who cures gay people* eventually won the seat. He was beat by Sara Lampe.

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