Friday, December 18, 2009

One Of These Things Is Just Like The Other!

In the category of best original campaign literature piece disguised as a public document, the nominees are: Congressman Roy Blunt of Missouri and Congressman Denny Rehberg of Montana.

And the winner is (may I have the envelope, please)....

And a tip o' the hat to Fired Up Missouri.

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Anonymous said...

You mean to tell me the 'original' thoughts, positions, and statements in Mr. Blunt's energy flyer are just bullsh.. being passed around the country by Republicans?

I am shocked, dismayed and semi-pis... off.

Anonymous said...

You've been busy!

Busplunge said...

Too wet to plow,
too cold to fish,

I am,
A busy man.

I bought some concrete yesterday and a turkey fryer today!

Anonymous said...

Let me guess. A pad for the turkey fryer?

Horse-farmer said...

Not a pad for a turkey frier, he is going to fill the turkey with concrete and mail to Blunt....

one turkey deserves another
new word



Tom said...

My son had fried turkey over at his sons' coach's house this past fall and was telling the PvtRN and I how good it was.

When the PvtRN found a turkey fryer on CL, I went and got it for him for an Xmas present.

So much for surprises under the tree!

Fair City News said...

Why would they use the same materials unless arrogance played a huge part?