Sunday, December 20, 2009

HAPPY HOLIDAYS: The "War On Christmas" Is Basically Over. Follow The Money.

That GAP commercial seems to have offended a lot of people. So much so, that the American Family Association (AFA) urged its members to boycott GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic.

I try to stay on top of these things and don't want to offend anyone, but I haven't even started my Xmas shopping yet and where am I going to buy the hooded sweatshirts I traditionally give to my family members? Where am I going to do my Christmas shopping this year?

Gee, AFA, tell me what to do! Please!

What? This just in?!
An urgent message AFA website:

Gap has heard you loud and clear. After thousands of phone calls, emails, and petitions, Gap has just released a very "Merry Christmas" television commercial.

On November 28, Gap's Old Navy division broadcast a television commercial featuring its "Supermodelquins" proudly cheering "Merry Christmas," along with Christmas trees, lights and ornaments. View the commercial here.

As a result of Gap's efforts, AFA is ending the Christmas boycott of the company. Thank you for getting involved!
Oh thank you sweet baby Jesus! Sure, some may not understand the Christmas Jesus as good as the AFA, but because of the AFA,I CAN get the hooded sweat shirts for my family members at Old Navy without feeling guilty for supporting a store that is (or was) against Christmas. Ain't it amazing that by commercializing Xmas and inserting the phrase "Merry Christmas" in an otherwise idiotic commercial the AFA forgives! Just like going to confession, almost! I am going to get hoodies just like the ones the models are wearing in this commercial, that way I will be doing my part in supporting Xmas!:

The AFA tells me that if a company has items associated with Christmas, but does not use the word "Christmas," then the company is considered as censoring "Christmas."

This afternoon, after I finish all the chores the PvtRN gave me to do on a list, I will head out in search of those companies which are censoring Xmas! I will report back here immediately upon completion of my assigned duty.

The AFA has been kind enough to give me a list of stores and how they stand on Xmas:

Companies FOR "Christmas"
Bed Bath & Beyond*
Big Lots*
Collective Brands
Dollar Tree*
Family Dollar*
Dollar General*
H.E.B. Stores
Harris Teeter Stores
Hobby Lobby*
Home Depot*
JC Penney*
JoAnn Fabrics & Crafts Stores*
Michael's Stores*
Neiman Marcus
Pier One Imports*
Rite Aid
Super D Drug Stores
Wal-Mart/Sam's Club*

Companies marginalizing "Christmas"
Bass Pro Shops*
Banana Republic
Barnes & Noble*
Bath & Body Works*
Best Buy*
Gap Stores*
Hancock Fabrics*
Hy-Vee Stores
Old Navy*
Limited Brands*
Toys R Us*
Whole Foods

Companies against "Christmas"
Advance Auto Parts
Barnes & Noble*
Best Buy*
CVS Pharmacy*
Dick's Sporting Goods
Home Shopping Network
Office Depot*
Radio Shack*
Victoria's Secret* (dang it, this one would have to be on the list. What a condum, I want to be a good steward of my money but I don't want shop here if it is Un-Xian and against Christmas! Maybe I find a Xian shop to purchase Victoria's Secret type items, like this one here. But like this guy, I do have boundaries. Maybe I should just shop off the internet or perhaps meander I am sure some of my Xian friends could use a copy of that book, I mean I learned all about that stuff here. It's about marketing, marketing, marketing. And if it takes using "Sweet Baby Jesus" to market it, then that's what it takes!

Your a cold hearted person if your not warmed by these puppies and there warm fuzzy friends, the kitties. I except that some bus riders might not appreciate the sediment expressed in the message but too them I just say remember Tiny Tim!

To read more about the end of the War on Christmas, click here.

Follow the money.


Anonymous said...

Looks like I'll be shopping at both Best Buy and Barnes & Noble since they both marginalize and are against XMAS.

Alex and Lou said...

Roger Whitaker?

Oh, how quick they forget once you're not in the limelight!