Sunday, December 27, 2009

Small Numbers Ride Small Bus for Shortened Xmas Light Tour

The heaters went out on the bus. Two little 12 volt motors that run the fans that distribute the radiant heat from the heater core. After 55 plus years the fans bit the dust. There just wasn't enough "ummph" to get the fans to turning when the switch was thrown. When they did turn, sporadically, they weren't strong enough to move any heat and the noise the worn out bearings made overrode any attempt at conversation. Something needed to be done. It is no fun to ride the bus without any heaters.

I took the fans apart to clean the brushes but they were so worn down it was a pointless endeavor.

I got the idea to buy two 12 volt fans and mount the motors and fan blades in the bus brackets. It worked. I spent most of yesterday afternoon retrofitting the fan brackets and adjusting the fan blades so they didn't hit each other when the motors were turned on.

The bus has heat once again. Since I put in two speed motors, the bus has better heat than it has ever had. I didn't know how bad the heat was until I fixed the heat.

Small crowd for the Xmas lights tour. It was just too dang cold. The choice of sitting in a LazyBoy or on a cold bus seat did not require a whole lot of deliberating.

Grandson Austin and Jack's grandson Blake made the tour, as did Sophie who, as the following photo indicates, is going through her Tinkerbelle period.
Fred and Kristie's boys, up from Texas made the ride of which the highpoint was the traditional walk across the Commercial Street Footbridge.


d5thouta5 said...

hey, Bus....where did you get, and how did you get, all that cotton to sit on top of the bus, and all over the ground during the last photo....sure looks like everybody got dressed up to make it look cold...oh wait that is SNOW....sure looks cold....also looks like a great trip....glad to know you got the heaters working...can you come down here and fix the heater on the kid's jeep now....

longrooffan said...

Nice hoonage fix on the heaters there bus...such a creative the heck out of NOS heater motors for a 50's era GM product...looks like a total blast and know that if this olelongrooffan had been in the Ozarks that evening, I would have joined the auxarc and her beautiful daughter in law, granddaughter and sweet Karen hanging around that fire to stay warm while all you crazies went Xmas light looking....or maybe not!! Happy New Year....