Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Now That Schoeller's Jettisoned Jetton, Will There Be A Change In His Campaign Rhetoric?

April 9, 2009, KCSTAR's Jason Noble posted this piece:

Shane Schoeller gunning for speaker pro tem in fiery campaign letter
JEFFERSON CITY | What do Barack Obama, Jay Nixon and Bryan Pratt have in common?

They all need to watch out for Shane Schoeller.

Yes, Schoeller, the Republican lawmaker currently in his second term representing Willard in the Missouri House.

In a fiery letter soliciting campaign contributions, attached below, Schoeller sharply attacks Obama and Nixon for their "liberal" policies and sets his sights on the office of Speaker Pro Tem, currently held by Pratt.

The letter obtained by The Star is addressed to Jeannie Huckstep, of the Springfield accounting firm Huckstep & Associates LLC.

"The hair on the back of my neck stands stiff each time I see Obama and Pelosi on TV talking about their 'equitable' tax plan," Schoeller writes. "You and I know what they mean: taxing successful small business owners.

"Does it seem wrong you that unproductive and wrong-headed policies are about all we see from Washington," he continues. "Like me, do you worry that Jay Nixon and the state government bureaucrats are taking us in the same, flawed, direction?"

The broadside goes on for five pages -- at one point likening liberal taxation policies to "a disease" -- before winding up with a request for $1,000, $750, $500 or $250.

"If you can give more, that would be great," Schoeller writes.

And along the way, Schoeller refers twice to his desire to run for Pro Tem, the second-highest leadership positiion in the House.

"To defend our small businesses, I'm going to have to step up in the legislature," Schoeller writes. "That's why I'm running for Speaker Pro Tem of the Missouri House of Representatives."

Pratt is in his fourth term in the House, and will be barred by term limits from running again in 2010. That leaves the Pro Tem seat open.

And oh by the way, Schoeller has hired former House Speaker and Republican political consultant Rod Jetton to run his 2010 campaign . The address given for donations is that of Jetton's Jefferson City office -- not Schoeller's Willard-based campaign committee.
"I will not support any new form of taxes". I bet the firemen loved that.

Here is the link to the Schoeller letter referenced in the KC Star article.


Anonymous said...

Looking around the house.
Hidden behind the window and the door.
Searching for signs of life but there's nobody home.

Anonymous said...

Schoeller used poor judgement in selecting Jetton in his attempt to buy a leadership position. If his service in the General Assembly has any merit, the other legislators will elect him to leadership.

Just when did the internal elections to leadership positions turn into a money grab? Is this just another way to launder money from one legislator to another?

We need someone with the balls to get true ethics reform in Jeff City and it is not Schoeller.

kahall said...

Oh yes, it is all about the poor poor firemen/woman every time someone does not want to pay more taxes. Conservatives hate firemen. You have uncovered a huge scandal here.