Sunday, December 20, 2009

At The Parts Store.....

I recently came into possession of a 1947 8N Ford tractor. I didn't really want it, but I ended up with it.

I like stuff from 1947. My brother Bob was born in 1947 and I got a 1947 Jeep. I like 1949 stuff also. I was born in 1949. The horsefarmer was born in 1950. He and I are dang near Irish twins.

The Horsefarmer lives in a small house on a small farm just outside of a small town about 30 miles from here. He has a small tractor and drives a small car. As you can see from the photograph, he has a small stagecoach and lots of small horses. I asked him one time why everything he has is small. He just smiled and said it puts everything in perspective. Or something like that.

In this picture, Scott is showing us his motor skills in steering the tractor.

The alternator for the tractor was not on the tractor when I got it. So, I went to O'Reilly's and bought a new alternator for $86.00 plus a $20.00 core charge for a total of $106.00. When I brought in the old alternator, I would get my core charge refunded.

The very next day I brought in the alternator core and got $20.00 put back on my debit card. Are you following this? Gotcha.

I spent two or three day trying to track down pulleys and belts, points and coils, etc for the tractor. I found a belt and found a pulley at Race Brothers. The pulley didn't fit the alternator so I returned it.

I then found on ebay a kit for converting a 8N from 6 volt to 12 volt for $108.00, alternator included. I emailed the seller and asked how much a kit was without the alternator. He replied it would cost $78.00. I bought the kit with the alternator for $108.00 and received it last week.

The kit came with an alternator, belts, pulleys, points, plugs, coil, condenser, everything needed to make the tractor run on 12 volts instead of 6 volts to include mounting brackets and nuts and bolts.

This afternoon, I took the belt back and the alternator back.

O'Reilly's credited my card for $86.00 for the alternator.

I thought I should have been credited $106.00 back on my card.

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty good at word problems, so here we go. I think you already got your 20 back for the "core charge"?

Anonymous said...

You gave the auto parts store $86 and a core for an alternator.

(Because you didn't have the core when you bought the alternator, you gave the parts store $20. When you got the core to them, you got your $20 back.)

Then when you returned the alternator, you sold the alternator back to the parts store for $86.00.

Where's your core?

Anonymous said...

continued from the above comment

The $20 core charge was like a deposit.

I say the parts store owes you either a core or $20.00

Lil Jim said...

You spent 106 and had the old alternator, you turned in a core and got 20 back. You returned the new alternator and got your 86 back, so you got all the 106 back nut no longer have the core for next time... You got shorted twenty dollars because you did not charge the store a core charge when you sold them the new alternator back. This simple explanation of a confusing situation brought to you by a guy who explains confusing bills for a living, hope I am right...

d5thouta5 said...

Are you smarter than a fifth grader
if a train leaves St. Louis at 1:00pm traveling west at 30 mph and and another train leaves Los Angles at 1:00 pm traveling at 30 which direction will the train from St Louis be heading when it returns home......

you're even....

d5thouta5 said...

of course you are still out a core
unless the auto parts store gives you back a core to be used in a later transaction....jibberjabber..jibberjabber....jibberbabber

Busplunge said...

I'm even?
I give $106 for an alternator.
I get $20 back when give up the old alternator.
I sell the alternator back for $86.
I'm out $20.
I should have sold the alternator back for $106 and when the parts store gave me an old alternator, given them $20.00

Anonymous said...

okay, I get it now! That's a high level math class.
-k said...

I think you should send this problem to Click and Clack to solve; I believe they went to MIT but they have the whole country to help solve this problem. PvtRN

Anonymous said...

I think you should sell the 8N on Craigslist. It will cost you more than $20 in the long run.

Horse-farmer said...

I think I would NOT have taken the 8N in to begin with. had one and it just didn't do the job.

Get a DEERE and you save 20 big ones.

Of course I would ask for the core back so you can put in on the Fire Truck you are going to bauy back for me to convert to a travel trailer hauler, complete with sleeper cab.
Yeah, get that core back

Love the logic presented here....
Of course I am smarter than a 5th grader, cause my granddaughter tells me all the ansers.


Horse-farmer said...

Barngoddess just told me I maybe smarter than a 5th grader, but my spelling is terrible.
Just two typos, no big deal.


when you take the 6 volt battery in to exchange for a 12 volt battery (and you have to do that to make the tractor a 12 volt) don't let them charge you for the missing 6 volts on the turned in battery.

Busplunge said...

Tom, I was asking $1200 for the fire truck, we sold it for $800.
But I bought a new battery for it.

The windshield got broken when a lawnmower threw a stone up and hit it.

The fenders have those cut outs for the hose and the truck needs a muffler.

But if you look through all that stuff, there is a lot of potential there.

I don't want to be the guy who is responsible for cutting the truck in half to shorten the frame, though.

Been there, done that, too easy to make a mistake then you are stuck with a half a truck and another half a truck and you end up feeling bad because you ruined a truck.

Busplunge said...

This all sounds so simple at 10:15 in the evening --- especially after visiting with my Belgian friends, but try explaining it to a guy who doesn't want to understand it.....
why it is mindboggling.